Thank you for coming and looking at our new site. This site is being designed for the serious backgammon player

First, I want to say that this site is in what is called Alpha testing. Many of the functionality of the site are still being developed and tested on the drawing board. What is in Alpha testing is the registration process and the actual game/match play. This is what we would like feedback on both good and bad. But, please be civil as this is version 1.0 and we anticipate that feedback will cause changes

All games/matches are timed. The time limit for the 3 point matches is 20 minutes per player. 

Also, please realize that we are minimally publicizing this site, so if you log in, you may find no one or only a few on site playing. We therefore recommend that you invite a friend to join you to play and try it out

We will be making changes on an ongoing basis, daily at times, starting with adding ratings and additional tables with minimal ratings needed to paly at them. Come back and come often to see how we evolve.

Once again Thank You! and Welcome!


To contact us please email to admin@internetbackgammonclub.com